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Donald Bellgrau, Ph.D.

Professor of Immunology & Microbiology

12800 E. 19th Ave., Mail Stop 8333,
Aurora, CO 80045


My primary research interest is translational research as it relates to immunotherapy. These interests have been influenced greatly by my involvement at the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes where as a member of the research staff  I experienced first hand the devastating consequences of disease on both the patient and the family and at the University  of Colorado Cancer Center where, as Program Leader in Immunology/Immunotherapy, I immersed myself in the  immunobiology of cancer therapy and had the opportunity to take my research interests in this area to the clinic via my participation as a founding scientist of GlobeImmune Inc..  GlobeImmune has presently completed both Phase I and Phase II testing in humans for an immunotherapy technology invented by my collaborators and me that targets cancer and infections disease


1974-1978 ​University of Pennsylvania Teaching Fellowship, Department of Biology
1975-1978 ​University of Pennsylvania, Immunology Graduate Group Pre-doctoral Trainee Fellowship CA-09140 Mentor:  Darcy B. Wilson
1978-1979 ​Fellow of the American Cancer Society, Uppsala University, Sweden
1979-1980 Damon Runyon Fellow, Uppsala University, Sweden.  Mentor H. Wigzell
1980-1983 Member Research Staff, Basel Inst. For Immunology, Basel Switzerland
1983-1988 ​Assistant Professor, Department of Micro/Immunology, University of CO
1983-2002 ​Investigator, Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes
​1988-1998 ​Associate Professor with Tenure, Department of Immunology, U. of CO SOM
2003-2011 ​Program Leader, Immunology/Immunotherapy, Univer. of CO Cancer Center
1998-present Professor Department of Immuno/Micro, University of Colorado SOM
​2000 ​Founding scientist GlobeImmune, Inc. A publically traded company
​2005 ​Colorado Life Sciences Inventor of the Year        
​2006 ​Pinnacle Award to faculty entrepreneurs who show a strong commitment to    best practices in technology transfer
​2010 ​The Colorado Technology Transfer Award as Company of the Year

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