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2018-2019 Seminar Series

All seminars will be at 12:00pm in Hensel Phelps East unless otherwise noted.


Lydia Villa-Komaroff, PhD
"Bench, Biotech, and Beyond"
​Morgan Brown/Elizabeth Franks
​9/17/18 ​Timothy Padera
Heather Hickman, PhD “Visualizing antiviral T cell activation and effector function”​
​10/26/18 Forest Rohwer, PhD "Phage and the Origin of the Immune System"
​11/9/18 Mike Diamond, MD, PhD “New Insights into Disease Pathogenesis of Alphaviruses and Flaviviruses”
​11/16/18 Peter Hoffmann, PhD, MSPH "Selenoproteins in the regulation of immunity and cancer progression"
​12/7/18 Isaac Chiu
​12/14/18 ​Eduardo Davila
​1/18/19 Dan Sherbenou 
​3/1/19 Cornelis (Kees) Murre
​3/15/19 Joe Sun
​3/29/19 Kris Hogquist
​4/12/19 Michaela Gack
​4/26/19 John Chang
​5/10/19 Mike Vasil Retirement Symposium
​6/7/19 Luigi Notaranelo