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2017-2018 Seminar Series

All seminars will be at 12:00pm in Hensel Phelps East unless otherwise noted.


Shore Family Forum
​F. Susan Wong, Ph.D.
"Why do CD8 T cells target insulin in type 1 diabetes?"
Bushnell Auditorium
​Richard J. Kuhn, Ph.D. “Structure-function studies of Zika and related flaviviruses”​
​9/29/17 ​Ranjeny Thomas, M.D. ​'Personalizing Treatment for Autoimmune Arthritis'
Bushnell Auditorium
Chris Hunter​ ​'Microbial tools to visualize immune interactions/
​10/27/17 Timothy Yahr​, Ph.D. ​'Putt putt functions that control type III secretion in Pseudomonas aeruginosa'
11/3/17​ Sergei Koralov​, Ph.D. 'Molecular Etiology and Bacterial Triggers of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma'​
​11/17/17 Patrick Hanley​, Ph.D. ​'Translating Naïve T cell-based Therapies to the Clinic'
​12/8/17 Kambez Benam​, Ph.D. ​'Microengineered Systems to Emulate HumanLung Pathophysiology'
​1/22/18 Dario Vignali​, Ph.D. ​'Immune Regulatory Mechanisms in Cancer and Autoimmunity'
​3/2/17 Rocky Baker​, Ph.D.  ​'Elucidating the role CD4 T cells reactive to hybrid insulin peptides in T1D'
​3/16/18 Howard Weiner​, M.D. ​'Autoimmunity and the mucosal immune system'
​3/23/18 Willem Overwijk​, Ph.D. ​'Cancer Vaccin​es in the Era of Checkpoint Blockade'
​4/6/18 Steffen Jung​, Ph.D. ​'Macrophage intricacies in gut and brain'
​4/27/18 Michael Brenner​,  M.D. ​'Innate T cells: New roles in host defense, immunoregulation and diabetes'
​5/4/18 E. John Wherry​ III 'Molecular mechanisms of T cell exhaustion'​
​5/11/18 Scott Alper​
​6/1/18 Susan Pierce​