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Latest medical news, research breakthroughs, and medical education

Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds

Whose Hospital is it Anyway?

Dr. Capp Featured in Managed Care Article

Medicaid Program's Care Coordination

Dr. McStay Featured in 7 News

Flu cases continue to climb in Colorado; 210 hospitalized so far this year.

Dr. Heard Featured in the Mercury News

Extreme marijuana use linked to vomiting syndrome.

Dr. Bookman Featured in UCHealth Today

Father-daughter medical team is all in the UCHealth family.

Dr. Davis Featured in News Max Article

Do you know the signs of acute mountain sickness?

Dr. Lemery Featured in KALW Article

Your Call's One Planet Series: Is climate change making us sicker?

Dr. Hoyte Featured in CBS News Article

Can you overdose from fentanyl left on shopping carts?

Dr. Monte Featured in The Verge Article

Drug Hunters: Meet the Scientists Building a Library of Designer Drugs

UCHealth CARE Innovation Center

UCHealth CARE Innovation Center - 58 Hospitals and Health Systems with Innovation Programs.

Dr. Wiler Featured in Mobi Health News

How hospital innovators are tackling patient satisfaction, vendor partnerships, and data overload.

Dr. Sorenson on Climate Change Associated with Disease Outbreaks

Climate change may accelerate infectious disease outbreaks.

Dr. Capp on the Bridges to Care Program

Program reduces high ED use and increases primary care visits.

Dr. Zane Featured in the Washington Times

Complex gunshot wounds and high victim count test hospital preparedness in emergencies.

Dr. Capp Featured in Health Affairs Article

Emergency Departments, Behavioral Health, and More.

Dr. Davis Featured In Telehealth News

7 riddles to solve when launching a Telehealth urgent care service.

Dr. Honigman Featured in the Denver Post

Dead woman may have developed altitude sickness symptoms at lower elevations.

Congratulations to Dr. Bebarta who has been promoted to Colonel and appointed to the Office of Chief Scientist of the 59th medical Wing

Dr. Bebarta will be an IMA (Individual Mobilization Augmentee), who are Air Force Reservists assigned to active-component units and government agencies.

Dr. Hoyte featured in 9News

Colorado doctors get more money from opioid-making companies than in any other state