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Latest medical news, research breakthroughs, and medical education

June 13 Emergency Medicine M&M

June 13 Emergency Medicine M&M

Dr. Betz Featured in Health Day

When do you take gun from someone with dementia?

Seeking Emergency Physicians to join our Academic Department of EM

Recruiting Emergency Physicians to join our Academic Department of Emergency Medicine.

May 23 Emergency Medicine M&M

May 23 Emergency Medicine M&M

Congratulations to Dr. Zane!

Chief innovation officers lead change in care delivery with technology.

Congratulations to Dr. Heard!

Champion swimmer Kennon Heard to be inducted into Nevada Union Athletics Hall of Fame.

Visiting Professor Esther Choo Presentation

Emergency Medicine M&M presented by Esther Choo.

Dr. Sorenson and Dr. Lavonas Featured in New York Times

A perplexing marijuana side effect relieved by hot showers.

Congratulations to Dr. Overbeck!

Congratulations to Dr. Overbeck for being elected as faculty of the SOM's Alpha Omega Alpha national medical honor society!

Congratulations to Shaun McMullin and Becky McGowan!

Congratulations to Shaun McMullin and Becky McGowan!

Amazing Wilderness Medicine Testimonial

A heartwarming testimonial from Samantha Evans about her Wilderness Medicine experience.

Dr. Betz Featured in Colorado Public Radio

Isn't better research into gun violence something everyone can get behind?

Thanks to Dr. Perman and Other Emergency Medicine Faculty, Fellows and Residents

Many thanks to all who volunteered at the Girls & Science event at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Dr. Zane Featured in CNBC

No-frills micro hospitals with as few as 8 rooms emerge as a new way to cut health-care costs.

Firearm Safety and Training for Emergency Physicians

A leading cause of death and injury, gun violence is significant public health problem.

Congratulations to Dr. Perman!

Congratulations to Dr. Perman for receiving the SAEM Young Investigator Award!

Dr. Betz Featured in Modern Healthcare

Tide may be turning to free up funding to study gun violence.

Dr. Wiler Featured in Wall Street Journal

What the hospitals of the future look like.

Congratulations to Dr. Heard!

Dr. Heard is the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Contributions to Medical Toxicology Research Award.

Dr. Lemery And His Book, Enviromedics

Unearthing the Effects of Climate Change on Human Health