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Clinical Toxicology

Toxicologists provide patient care in a wide variety of settings. Healthcare providers ask us to provide bedside consultations in the emergency department, intensive care unit, and on other inpatient units. We also see patients who might have issues related to toxic exposures in our toxicology clinic. We also provide phone consultation support via the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center.

​The toxicology clinic specializes in seeing patients who may have had toxic exposures. This can include exposures at work or home. While many physicians can initiate investigations into poisoning, medical toxicologists specialize in interpreting complex lab analysis and determining if symptoms may be related to a past exposure. Patients may be referred by their primary medical provider.

Contact ​our toxicology clinic.

​Many patients present to the hospital, emergency department, or urgent care centers immediately following a poisoning exposure. We provide bedside evaluations of patients and work with other providers to ensure our patients receive excellent care. This includes recommendations for appropriate testing, treatment, and appropriate level and duration of care.

Through bedside evaluations we can combine a thorough history and physical exam with interpretation of complex lab tests. We currently provide bedside consultations at the Anschutz Medical Campus.