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Welcome to the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

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Department of Emergency Medicine Faculty


Below you will find the names of all Emergency Medicine Faculty and Research Assistants; clicking the name will take you to their individual profile page. Faculty can be based either at Anschutz Medical Campus or at Denver Health.

 Results From Faculty : Selected site
NameAcademic Interests

Abbate, Lauren MD​

Abbott, Rick MD

Pain management, end of life and ethics issues, women’s health

Bakes, Katie MD

​Pediatrics, diabetic ketoacidosis

Barrett, Whitney MD​


Bebarta, Vikhyat​ MD


Bellows, Jason MD​


Bellows, Jennifer MD

Global health

Injury prevention and epidemiology, older drivers, suicide prevention, geriatric emergency medicine, qualitative & quantitative methods

Wilderness medicine

Operations/Administration, Clinical Informatics, Ethics

Botton, Diana ANP-BC​


Braden, Beau MD


Breyer, Michael MD FACEP

Medical education

Broderick, Kerry MD

​Injury prevention, alcohol/substance use interventions, medical clearance of the psychiatric patients

High altitude physiology, ultrasound

Buchanan, Jennie MD


Byyny, Richard MD MS

Research methodology, sepsis/critical care, clinical decision making, trauma

Cao, James MD

EM health policy, frequent ED utilizer’s and healthcare navigators
Graduate medical education in wilderness medicine, altitude physiology, dive medicine, and travel/expedition medicine
High altitude me​dicine, adenosine pathways in acclimatization, wilderness medicine
Novel educational modalities, curriculum development, asthma, and evaluation strategies

Easter, Benjamin MD​


Eberhardt, Aaron MD

Prehospital care

Sports medicine, medical student education, and resident education

Engeln, Anna MD​


​Eutermoser, Morgan MD


French, Andy MD

​Emergency ultrasound, administration

Critical care/sepsis/ARDS, vitamin d/infection, EM health policy, geriatric EM

Patient safety, clincial informatics, care-coordination/transitions in care, natural language processing and electronic health records, allergy modeling and information
Medical education research and assesment, undergraduate medical education

Epidemiology of drug related death, spatial analysis, the relationship between public policy and health outcomes, clincial policy/guideline development

Haukoos, Jason MD

Infectious disease epidemiology, HIV/AIDS, hospital epidemiology - emergency department, health services research
Cardiovascular poisoning, geriatric EM, drugs of abuse, acetaminophen poisoning

Herbert, Audrey​ MD

Moderate hypoxia (altitude) on chronic conditions , GIS
Toxicology, opiate diversion, prescription drug monitoring-GI
Obesity, sudden cardiac death, toxicity of performance-enhancing drugs, drug ​interactions/toxicology

​Iwanicki, Janetta MD

ED operations
Premedical, medical and resident education

Kendall, John MD

​Emergency ultrasound, blunt abdominal trauma, penetrating neck trauma

Global health and tropical medicine

Larabee, Todd MD

Cardiac arrest/resuscitation, medical device development, wilderness medicine​

Lavonas, Eric MD​

Wilderness medicine, climate change and human health, health and human rights

Point-of-care ultrasound education

Early detection and secondary prevention of child physical abuse, multicenter observational networks
Disaster and pandemic flu preparedness and response, global public health and disasters, cardiac arrest

​Lowe, Robert MD

Injury epidemiology and public health, survey research, medical education

Maloney, Patrick MD


​Markovchick, Vincent MD


Disaster management and preparedness, wilderness and environmental medicine, patient safety and quality

McVaney, Kevin MD

​Prehospital care


Meyer, Carolyn MD​


Miner, Todd Ed.D.​

Proper care of children in emergency departments, medical management for sporting events
Pharmacogenomics/metabolomics, safety and efficacy of medications, personalized medicine, drug interactions

Morgan, Brian MD​

Global health, pre-hospital care/EMS
Venous thromboembolism , anti-coagulation, clinical algorithms, quality/patient safety
Therapeutic hypothermia, cardiac arrest & post-resuscitation, critical care

​Rappaport, Lara MD


Richards, David MD

Global health
Prediction and prevention of acute mountain sickness, genetics of acclimatization to hypoxia, the brain in hypoxia, exercise and hypoxia
Simulation/medical education, human factors, device design, reflection in medicine

​Sankoff, Jeffrey MD

​Sepsis, critical care

Schmidt, Jessica MD​

Prehospital care/EMS, trauma management, emergency airway
Thiessen, Molly MD

Emergency Ultrasound

​Toney, Amanda MD


​Trent, Stacey MD


​Upshaw, Guy MD


VanderKooy, Timothy MD​


​Vogel, Jody MD

Trauma, cardiac arrest

Walker, Sterling MD​


Wang, Sam M​D​

​Dr. Wang's research interests include pediatric toxicology, pediatric emergency medicine and the public health impacts of marijuana legalization. He is actively involved in the education of pediatric emergency medicine and medical toxicology fellows.  Dr. Wang also participates on various Children's Hospital Colorado and Colorado Department of Public Health committees. He has written several chapters and peer-reviewed manuscripts pertaining to the topic of pediatric toxicology.

Disaster medicine
ED operations, EM health policy, quality/patient safety
High altitude illness, environmental emergencies, technology applications in emergency medicine, emergency department information systems

Young, David MD​

Disaster preparedness, ED operations, EM health policy

Zelkin, Jaimie NP​


​Toxicology, Drugs of Abuse, Obesity, Medical Education/Social Media​​

Research Assistants

 Results From Faculty : Selected site

Belmashkan, Saddyna​ PRA

Evero, Oghenero "Nero" PRA​

LeBeau, Scott PRA​

Vianzon, Ruby​ PRA

Yousif, Alla PRA