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Denver Health Faculty

 Results From Faculty : Selected site
NameAcademic Interests

Bakes, Katie MD

​Pediatrics, diabetic ketoacidosis

Barrett, Whitney MD​

​Emergency Medicine

Bellows, Jennifer MD

Global health

Breyer, Michael MD FACEP

Medical education

Broderick, Kerry MD

​Injury prevention, alcohol/substance use interventions, medical clearance of the psychiatric patients

Buchanan, Jennie MD


Byyny, Richard MD MS

Research methodology, sepsis/critical care, clinical decision making, trauma

​Richard Dart


Eberhardt, Aaron MD

Prehospital care

Engeln, Anna MD​

​Emergency Medicine

French, Andy MD

​Emergency ultrasound, administration

Haukoos, Jason MD

Infectious disease epidemiology, HIV/AIDS, hospital epidemiology - emergency department, health services research

​Iwanicki, Janetta MD

​Emergency Medicine and Toxicology

Janetta Iwanicki​


Kendall, John MD

​Emergency ultrasound, blunt abdominal trauma, penetrating neck trauma

Lavonas, Eric MD​

​Emergency Medicine, Meidcal Toxicology, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

Eric Lavonas​


Maloney, Patrick MD


​Markovchick, Vincent MD

​Emergency Medicine

McVaney, Kevin MD

​Prehospital care

Moreira, Maria MD

Medical education, wound management

​Rappaport, Lara MD


Richards, David MD

Global health

​Roosevelt, Genie MD MPH


​Sankoff, Jeffrey MD

​Sepsis, critical care

Thiessen, Molly MD

Emergency Ultrasound

​Toney, Amanda MD

​Emergency Medicine

​Trent, Stacey MD

​Emergency Medicine

​Upshaw, Guy MD

Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medicine

​Vogel, Jody MD

Trauma, cardiac arrest