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Daniel Lindberg, MD

​University of Colorado School of Medicine

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine


Contact information

Anschutz Medical Campus
Leprino Building, Campus Box B215
12401 East 17th Avenue

Aurora, CO 80045

​​Professor Lindberg's research interests are dedicated to improving the testing and recognition of child maltreatment, especially physical abuse. Dr. Lindberg led 2 multi-center, observational studies of the testing practices of Child Abuse Pediatricians. The first, the ULTRA (Using Liver Transaminases to Recognize Abuse) network,determined optimal testing for occult abdominal injuries. The second, the Examining Siblings To Recognize Abuse (ExSTRA) network, determined optimal testing for children who share a household with physically abused children.​​​
Degree Year Focus
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA A.B. 1997 ​Biochemical Sciences, Magna Cum Laude
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, IL M.D. 2001 ​Doctor of Medicine, with Honors
University Hospital, Cincinnati, OH 2005 Emergency Medicine Residency
​Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children, Cincinnati, OH 2006 Child Abuse Pediatrics Fellowship​

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Selected Publications (11 out of 72)

  • Lindberg DM, Harper NS, Laskey AL and Berger RP for the ExSTRA investigators. Prevalence of Abusive Fractures of the Hands, Feet, Spine or Pelvis on Skeletal Survey:  Perhaps “Uncommon” is More Common Than Suggested. Pediatric Emergency Care 2013;29(1)26-29.
  • Lindberg DM, Shapiro RA, Blood EA, Steiner RD and Berger RP for the ExSTRA Investigators. Utility of Hepatic Transaminases in Children With Concern for Abuse. Pediatrics 2013;131(2):268-275
  • Harper NS, Eddelman S, Lindberg DM for the ExSTRA Investigators. The Utility of Follow-Up Skeletal Surveys in Child Abuse. Pediatrics 2013;131(3):e672-e678.
  • Greiner MV, Berger RP, Thackeray J and Lindberg DM for the ExSTRA Investigators.  Utility of Dedicated Retinal Examination in Children Evaluated for Physical Abuse without Radiographically Identified Traumatic Brain Injury. Journal of Pediatrics 2013:163(2);527-531.  Recognized as one of the top research articles of 2013 at the O.S.C.A.R.S. lecture – Chris Greeley.  San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment.
  • Deye KP, Berger RP, Lindberg DM for the ExSTRA Investigators. Occult Abusive Injuries in Infants with Apparently Isolated Skull Fractures. Journal of Trauma. 2013;74: 1553-1558.
  • Lindberg DM, Blood EA, Campbell KA, Laskey AL, Berger RP for the ExSTRA Investigators.  Predictors of Screening and Injury in Contacts of Physically Abused Children. Journal of Pediatrics 2013;163(3):730-5.e3.
  • Schwartz KA, Metz J, Feldman K, Sidbury R, Lindberg DM for the ExSTRA Investigators.  Cutaneous Findings Mistaken for Physical Abuse: Present, but not Pervasive. Pediatric Dermatology 2014;31(2):146-155
  • Lindberg DM, Berger RP, Reynolds MS, Alwan RM, Harper NS for the ExSTRA Investigators. Yield of Skeletal Survey by Age in Children Referred to Abuse Specialists. J. Pediatrics 2014 Jun;164(6):1268-73.
  • Metz J, Schwartz KA, Feldman KW, Lindberg DM for the ExSTRA Investigators.  Non-Cutaneous Conditions Clinicians Might Mistake for Abuse.  Archives of Disease in Childhood 2014 Sep; 99(9):817-23.
  • Harper NS, Feldman KW, Sugar NF, Anderst J, Lindberg DM for the ExSTRA Investigators. Additional Injuries in Young Infants with Concern for Abuse and Apparently Isolated Bruises.  J. Pediatrics 2014 Aug;165(2):383-388
  • Martindale J, Swenson A, Coffman J, Newton AW, Lindberg DM for the ExSTRA Investigators. Recurrent Concerns for Child Abuse: Repeated Consultations by a Subspecialty Child Abuse Team. Child Abuse & Neglect. 2014 Jul;38(7):1259-66.
  • Senior Reviewer, Annals of Emergency Medicine
  • ​Invited to serve as Expert Panelist for RAND/UCLA appropriateness criteria review of abuse screening
  • Greiner et al. article on retinal hemorrhages chosen as one of the top articles, Child Abuse Pediatrics, 2013