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Community Service

Contributions to the community through service and outreach

Faculty of the Department of Emergency Medicine contribute to the community through service in various programs.


Camp Wapiyapi is a week-long adventure camp for children with cancer and their siblings.  Faculty members provide on-site medical care for the campers and other volunteers.


Stout Street Clinic.bmp
Faculty members work one-on-one with medical students to provide medical care to the homeless at the Stout Street Clinic, a program of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.


Physician volunteers provide lectures and hands-on clinical experiences for youth groups participating in the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y.) Program, a day-long program about the risks and consequences of impaired driving.



helmet8.jpgHelmet safety is demonstrated to area elementary, junior high and high school students using a home-built "coconut crusher."  The "crusher" drops a lead weight on an unprotected coconut versus a coconut protected by a helmet.  The messy demonstration garners many cheers while also showing the effectiveness of proper helmet use.




Faculty members provide continuting medical education lectures to area ski patrol groups.