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Who We Are

The University ED is a busy level 2 trauma center as well as serving as the entry point for the regional burn center, regional transplant center, and nationally recognized cancer center. The new department, which opened in April 2013, is designed to place the patient at the center of care, decrease waiting, and optimize quality and the patient experience. 

During peak visit times, the traditional emergency department triage system has been eliminated; patients are now brought directly to a care provider. The most critically ill and injured patients are immediately cared for in one area of the ED, while less seriously ill patients are seen by a dedicated team of care providers and quickly treated. 

The department has 51 acute care beds in three zones, 10 front-end treatment spaces, and a 16 bed observation unit. There is a unique attending physician-intake system that manages minor complaints on arrival and initiates basic workup on other patients. The new ED also has a state of the art advanced imaging area including its own dedicated next-generation CT Scanner, high fidelity ultrasound and X-Ray imaging. 

Attendings and residents in all zones work with medical scribes to enhance charting efficiency. There is 24 hour double attending coverage in the ED with a maximum of 5 attendings staffing concurrently. Attendings staff all patients with the residents. Along with the attendings, EM3 residents manage department flow and supervise EM2 residents, interns, and medical students.

Learn more about our Quality and Safety Program and Patient Experience.