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Remote Second Opinion Program

​Welcome to the TEAM Clinic Remote Second Opinion Altitude Program. No matter where you live, you can now receive medical advice from our specialists to optimize your health at high altitude. 

Call 720.848.6777 or email us at​ today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?  
This program is for anyone who has questions or concerns about how high altitude may be affecting their health.  Are you pregnant and concerned how altitude will affect your baby?  Have you had high altitude pulmonary edema in the past and want to know steps you can take to prevent this illness?  Do you have heart or lung disease and want to know if it’s safe to live or travel to altitude?  We can help.  

How does it work?  
First off, we get your permission to review your records and to speak with you about your medical problems over the phone.  Once we have the necessary background information, we’ll conduct a phone interview to review your medical history.  We will focus on the questions you want answered to help your reach your health goals.   After the interview we will provide you with a treatment plan with the best way to optimize your health at high altitude.

How much does it cost?  
It depends.  The cost for a full personalized assessment can range up to $350, depending on the time required to review your medical records.  Telephone advice with minimal record review typically costs $250.  Unfortunately, this service is not a covered benefit under most medical insurance plans.

How do I start?  
Download, complete, and submit the health packet (below) for the Altitude Remote Second Opinion Program. Please contact us​ with any questions.

Health Packet 
(Download All Forms)

Altitude Specialists

The TEAM Clinic includes the following Altitude Specialists:

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