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Travel, Expedition and Altitude Medicine

The University of Colorado Travel, Expedition and Altitude Medicine (TEAM) clinic is a collaborative venture that combines experts from the Division of Infectious Disease (ID), the Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM), the Altitude Research Center (ARC) and The Children’s Hospital to provide comprehensive advice and treatment for all medical issues associated with travel and altitude. 

The TEAM Clinic treats individuals and families of all ages by providing routine pre-travel advice for the prevention of altitude and travel-related illness to healthy individuals. Our providers have unique expertise in the treatment of populations with complex medical issues including children, those with compromised immune systems, pregnant women, elderly patients and those with cardiopulmonary disease. Our goal is simple: to assist patients in staying healthy and well while traveling abroad or to the world’s high places.

Highlights of what we do:
  1.  Joint venture between DEM, ID, The Children’s Hospital
  2.  Routine pre-travel consultations and vaccinations
  3.  Altitude Consultations:
      • Pre-travel or pre-expedition
      • Alt and Chronic medical condition
      • The strange and bizarre
      • Thus far patients from 4 states​