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Patient Experience

The new University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) Emergency Department (ED) was opened in April 2013. Designed to be patient centered to provide state of the art emergency care in a modern facility, the ED serves as a national model for excellence. The UCH ED currently cares for over 100,000 patients annually.
The University of Colorado Department of Emergency Medicine faculty practice in the UCH ED. Our care may feel a bit different, as we’ve completely eliminated triage. Upon arrival to the ED by private vehicle during peak times, patients will be immediately greeted and placed into one of four intake rooms where they are seen and evaluated by a physician in an average time of 11 minutes. Patients requiring additional testing or workup will have their care initiated by this physician and quickly moved to Supertrack or the Main ED. Patients who do not require additional testing may be discharged by the intake physician resulting in a short overall length of stay, typically less than 30 minutes.
Our Supertrack area is designed to care for patients with minor illness or injury such as lacerations or fractures. Our team of highly skilled nurses and techs will initiate testing based on the initial intake physician’s orders and be evaluated by a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner.
Patients who require more complex testing and evaluation will be transported to the Main ED after their evaluation by the intake physician. Patients arriving via ambulance will have a bed assigned prior to their arrival and be directly placed into a private room. Upon arrival the patients will immediately assessed by our entire team and their care initiated. Each room is identical with ample room for visitors to sit with patients during their care. Rooms are outfitted with a privacy curtain and glass door as well as a television and telephone.
The ED also has four resuscitation rooms that allow us to bring a large team to the bedside of our most critically ill and injured patients. We utilize these rooms to care for patients with cardiac arrest, stroke and significant trauma. The ED also contains a 16 bed Clinical Decision Unit, allowing us to provide extended ED and observation care for up to 23 hours without admitting patients to inpatient beds. The ED also contains state of the art imaging including a next generation CT Scanner, high fidelity ultrasound equipment and X-Ray imaging.
The University of Colorado Hospital Emergency Department prides itself in education and training. The University of Colorado Hospital was recently awarded its fourth consecutive Magnet Recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Our residency training program for physicians is one of the oldest and most prestigious programs in the country. We are also a primary training site for medical students from a variety of schools including the University of Colorado School of Medicine.
We have an outstanding facility, amazing team members and believe we are a national model for the delivery of emergency care. We pride ourselves in efficiency, quality and safety and hope your experience exceeds your expectations.