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The Department of Dermatology deals with all aspects of the biology and diseases of the skin.

Department of Dermatology

Psoriasis Program

Welcome to the Psoriasis Program at the University of Colorado! Our mission is to provide exceptional care to patients with psoriatic diseases and lead psoriasis research.  Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease that affects 3.2% of the U.S. population and nearly 8 million Americans. It is associated with significant physical and psychosocial burden. Here at the University of Colorado, we know that psoriasis is more than skin deep. Approximately 30% of psoriasis patients have psoriatic arthritis, and many suffer from cardiovascular diseases to a greater extent than the general population.  Importantly, psoriasis can significantly impact patients’ emotional and social wellbeing.  We are here to ensure that our psoriasis patients receive the highest-quality care and have the unique opportunity to participate in clinical studies with the latest therapeutic advances.

Psoriasis Care at the University of Colorado:

We are dedicated to improving the lives of patients with psoriatic diseases through comprehensive care and advanced research. Our physicians are leading experts in the field of psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and other medical conditions associated with psoriasis. We adopt an evidence-based approach to treatments, and we work with patients individually to deliver optimal personalized care. All therapeutic options are made available to our patients, including topical treatments, phototherapy, oral systemic medications, and biologic therapies. Our office staff advocate for our patients' needs and coordinate with our patients' insurance provider to obtain coverage for their treatments.
Psoriasis Research:
We have a premiere psoriasis research program with both federally funded and industry-sponsored clinical trials in psoriasis and psoriasis comorbidities. Our scientists study psoriasis pathogenesis with advanced translational techniques and animal modeling. We also study health outcomes that are relevant to patients, providers, and other stakeholders, and are constantly searching for new ways to improve access and quality of life for our psoriasis patients.  We continually search for novel ways of improving health services delivery for psoriasis patients. We are active in clinical trials, evaluating the latest medical advances to treat psoriatic diseases. Our patients not only have the opportunity to contribute to scientific discovery in psoriasis; they also may qualify to receive medical care and psoriasis medications at no cost through some clinical trials.
Dr. April Armstrong directs the psoriasis program at University of Colorado. The psoriasis program consists of seven faculty members from multiple disciplines including dermatology, dermatopathology, rheumatology, and cardiology, with complementary expertise in clinical care, epidemiology, health outcomes research, and translational research. The psoriasis program is also supported by professional research staff and qualified medical trainees.