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The Department of Dermatology deals with all aspects of the biology and diseases of the skin.

Department of Dermatology

SDRC and Gates Center Seminar Series

SDRC and Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology Seminar Series 2015 - 2016

Seminars generally take place from 3-4 p.m. in either RC1 North 6th Floor, Room P18-6107, or RC-1 North 8th Floor, Room P18-8108.

(Note: Dates marked with an asterisk-* will take place in the 6th Floor Conference Room)

Please contact Julie Clarke at for further information.







​Melissa Harris, PhD  

​    NIH

​"Uncovering Gene Regulatory Networks for Somatic Stem Cell Maintenance"​

 Yiqun Shellman


​Amanda MacLeod, PhD 

​    Duke University

"​Immunological Determinants of Genomic Integrity

  in the Skin" 

 ​Dennis Roop


Vijay Setaluri, PhD

​    University of Wisconsin

"​BRAF-NOTCH Crosstalk in Melanoma Trans-Differentiation"

 ​Neil Box


Traci Lyons, PhD 

    ​University of Colorado

"Mechanistic Insights into Breast Tumor Metastasis Through  Studies of Normal Development and Pre-clinical Modeling"

 ​Peter Koch


​Anne-Laure Perraud, PhD

    National Jewish Health

​"TRPM Ion Channels in Skin: Inflammation and Beyond"

 Tamara Terzian

​12/15/15 ​TBD ​    TBD  ​TBD  ​Dennis Roop      


​Valerie Horsley, PhD

​    Yale University

 ​"Adipocytes in Epithelial Tissues"

 Xiao-jing Wang


​Dan Kaplan, MD, PhD

​    University of Pittsburgh

 ​"Non-Hematopoietic Cells Coordinate Skin Immunity"

 Xiao-jing Wang


​Lori Walker, PhD 

 ​   University of Colorado

 "Dedifferentiation of Adult Cardiomyocytes"

 ​​Dennis Roop


Robert Sclafani, PhD 

    ​University of Colorado

 ​"Exploitation of DNA Replication Stress and Repair  Mechanisms for Cancer Chemoprevention" 

 Dennis Roop


William Lowry, PhD

​    University of California, LA

 "Mechanisms of Maturation in Human Neural Development"

 Xiao-jing Wang


​Sunny Wong, PhD

 ​   University of Michigan

 "Sensory Nerve Regulation of Skin Cancer"

​​ Linda Barlow


​Patrick Blader, PhD

​    Oxford University

 "Coordinating Zebrafish Olfactory Placode Development"

 ​​Kristin Artinger


​Rocky Tuan, MD, PhD

    University of Pittsburgh

 "Skeletal Tissue Engineering and Modeling Using Adult Stem Cells and Biometic Materials: Repair, Restore, and Re-create"

 ​​David Clouthier


​Johnny Huard, MD, PhD

    University of Pittsburgh

 "The Role of Stem Cell Exhaustion/Depletion in Aging & Disease: Implication for Stem Cell Therapy"

​​ Tom Payne


Stuart Yuspa, MD 


 "How do Mutant Ras and Other Oncogenes Alter Keratinocyte Biochemistry to Produce a Squamous Tumor?" 

​​ Enrique Torchia