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Translational Pharmacology and PharmacoNutrition (TPN Lab)

TPN Lab PhotoOur laboratory mission is to discover, develop, and refine the use of new and existing therapeutic agents for the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. This research spans the entire range of translational pharmacology research (from basic mechanistic pathway determination in cellular systems and in vivo proof–of–concept modeling to human pilot trials and large multi-center randomized controlled clinical trials). The therapeutic targets our laboratory focuses on include the activation of heat shock proteins and other stress protection pathways following injury and illness.

Further, we are keenly interested in the regulation of inflammation and immune function by pharmacologic agents. Currently, we have a major research focus on the use of specific nutrients and amino acids (glutamine and other sports and performance-enhancing nutrients) as pharmacologic agents in the therapy of critical illness, lung injury, gastrointestinal tract injury, and peri-operative/surgical stress. In addition, we have an interest in refining and developing the use of anti-coagulants (such as heparin) as therapeutic agents to prevent organ failure in the surgical, critical care, and septic shock settings. Other areas of interest for our research group include optimizing the clinical delivery of nutrition to acutely ill patients, development of coordinated peri-operative interventions (exercise, nutrition, etc.) to improve surgical outcomes, and techniques to optimize the delivery of anti-coagulants in the surgical setting.

Finally, our laboratory has an interest in drug addiction in anesthesiologists and other physicians, particularly newly described drugs of abuse that are leading to significant disability and mortality in the specialty of anesthesiology.