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Kosaka Y, Quillinan N, Bond CT, Traystman RJ, Hurn PD, Herson PS
GPER1/GPR30 activation improves neuronal survival following global cerebral ischemia induced by cardiac arrest in mice.
Translational Stroke Research Online First, 2012 September 11.

Verma S, Yang Y-F, Nakayama S, Cheng J, Kelley MH, Quillinan N, Herson PS
Inhibition of TRPM2 selectively protects male hippocampal neurons from in vitro ischemia.
Neuroscience Letter Epub ahead of print. 2012

Hutchens MP, Fujiyoshi T, Komers R, Herson PS, Anderson S
Estrogen Protects Renal Endothelial Barrier Function from Ischemia-Reperfusion In-Vitro and In-Vivo.
American Journal of Renal Physiology 303, F377-385. 2012


Ren X, Akiyoshi K, Grafe MR, Vandenbark AA, Hurn PD, Herson PS, Offner H
Myelin specific cells infiltrate MCAO lesions and exacerbate stroke severity.
Metabolic Brain Disease 27, 7-15. 2011

Allen D, Nakayama S, Kuroiwa M, Nakano T, Palmateer J, Kosaka Y, Ballasteros C, Watanabe M, Bond C, Lujan R, Maylie J, Adelman JP, Herson PS
SK2 channels are neuroprotective for ischemia-induced neuronal cell death.
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 31, 2302-12. 2011

Jia J, Verma S, Nakayama S, Quillinan N, Grafe MR, Hurn PD, Herson PS
Sex differences in neuroprotection provided by inhibition of TRPM2 channels following experimental stroke.
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 31, 2160-68. 2011

Kelley M, Kuroiwa M, Taguchi N, Herson PS
Sex Difference in Sensitivity to Allopregnanolone Neuroprotection Correlates with Effect on Spontaneous Inhibitory Post Synaptic Currents.
Neuropharmacology 61, 724-729. 2011

Ren X, Akiyoshi K, Dziennis S, Vandenbark AA, Herson PS, Hurn PD, Offner H
Regulatory B-cells limit CNS inflammation and neurologic deficits in murine experimental stroke.
Journal of Neuroscience 31, 8556-63. 2011

Akiyoshi K, Dziennis S, Palmateer J, Ren X, Vandenbark AA, Offner H, Herson PS, Hurn PD
Recombinant T Cell Receptor Ligand improves outcome after experimental cerebral ischemia.
Translational Stroke Research 2, 404-410. 2011

Dziennis S, Mader S, Akiyoshi K, Ren X, Burrows GG, Vandenbark AA, Herson PS, Hurn PD, Offner H
Therapy with recombinant T-cell receptor ligand reduces infarct size and infiltrating inflammatory cells in brain after middle cerebral artery occlusion in mice.
Metabolic Brain Disease 26, 123-133. 2011

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Normothermic Cardiac Arrest and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: A Mouse Model of Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.
Journal of Visual Experiments pii:3116. 2011


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Evaluating Behavioral Outcomes from Ischemic Brain Injury.
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Testosterone Exacerbates Neuronal Damage Following Cardiac Arrest and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Mouse.
Brain Research 1357; 124-130. 2010

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Male-Isoflurane preconditioning neuroprotection in experimental focal stroke is androgen-dependent in male mice.
Neuroscience 169, 758-69. 2010

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Role of salt induced kinase 1 in androgen mediated neuroprotection.
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Gender and the Injured Brain.
Progress in Brain Research 186; 177-187. 2010

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Estrogen is Renoprotective via a Nonreceptor-dependent Mechanism after Cardiac Arrest In Vivo.
Anesthesiology 112, 395-405. 2010

For Dr. Herson's complete publication list, please visit PubMed.