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Neuronal Injury Program (NIP) Laboratory


The Herson Laboratory has partnered with Dr. Richard Traystman to form the Neuronal Injury Program within the Department of Anesthesiology. We are a highly collaborative research group that works closely with several faculty (see below) from various departments here at Anschutz Medical Campus with the shared goal of furthering our understanding of the consequences of cerebral ischemia. Our multidisciplinary approach to basic translational research uses neurophysiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, histology and neuro-behavior to elucidate the mechanisms of neuronal injury and identify therapeutic targets for protection and repair.


Ulli Bayer (Pharmacology)
Anne-Laure Perraud (National Jewish, Immunology)
Richard Traystman (Pharmacology/Vice Chancellor for Research)
David Wagner (Webb Waring Center)
Allen Waziri (Neurosurgery)
Yogendra (Yogi) Raol (Pediatric Neurology)