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Research Opportunities for Students

​The Department of Anesthesiology offers a wide range of research opportunities for students. For example, students can spend up to one year of basic science research training in the Center for Hypoxia and Ischemia Research. During this time, students can work in different research areas, including basic approaches (e.g. work with promoter constructs in cultured cell lines, work with isolated immune cells, such as polymorphonuclear granulocytes) or work with disease models, important to perioperative medicine (e.g. acute lung injury, renal, hepatic or myocardial ischemia).

In addition, medical students can also participate in clinical or translational research projects. Moreover, the Department of Anesthesiology also participates in a new research initiative for incoming medical students that allows students to do research throughout all 4 years of medical school in block periods.
For more information, please contact:

Holger K. Eltzschig, MD, PhD; Center for Hypoxia and Ischemia Research (CHaIR); Associate Chair for Basic and Translational Research

Richard Traystman, M.D, Vice Chair Research