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Research Overview

The Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Colorado is at the academic forefront of clinical, translational and basic science research in the area of perioperative medicine. The mission of this research work is to better understand disease mechanisms that occur during the perioperative period and to utilize such information to identify novel therapeutic targets, improve treatment of our patients, and to advance the practice of academic anesthesiology, critical care and pain medicine. To achieve such goals, the Departmental investigators often collaborate with researchers from other Departments at the University of Colorado, such as the Department of Pharmacology, Radiology or the Mucosal Inflammation Program (Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology). In addition, the Department is dedicated to providing research training opportunities for medical students, residents, fellows and faculty members. A competitive research training and career development program (“Virtue Scholarship”) has been established to train anesthesia residents in clinical, translational or laboratory research and to facilitate the transition of mentored researchers to independent scientists. In addition, competitive research start-up funds are provided annually to support junior scientists or clinical faculty. A research seminar series provides regular updates of ongoing research activities and serves as a platform for research collaborations and training.
Research in the Department is funded mainly through grants from the National Institutes of Health, Anesthesia Research Foundations (e.g. the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research) and other grant-giving organizations. Several research projects are successful collaborations between industry and departmental investigators. Such activities bring additional resources to the Department and the University of Colorado. They also facilitate a translational pathway for the development of new drugs, drug administration protocols and procedures.