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Jan and Kay

3rd Year Medical Students

The Clinical Core Curriculum (Phase III) consists of required clinical clerkships and incorporates many disciplines of medicine. During implementation of a new integrated curriculum in 2004, the third year 6-week surgical clerkship and 1-2 week anesthesiology selectives were replaced by a combined 8-week Perioperative and Operative Care Block. This includes one week of anesthesiology with seven weeks of combine Perioperative and Operative Care. The clerkship is a patient-centered model where students follow patients from admission to discharge, on the surgical wards, in pre-op, the operating room, post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), critical care, etc. During the anesthesiology week, students receive an understanding of anesthesiology principles and procedures. End of block activities include integrated simulations, written examination, and an integrated long case report.