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AMC Research Building

Introduction and Application Process

Program Description:
Accreditation: Non-ACGME approved
Number of Positions: 2 (two)
Stipend: PGY-V/Half time attending

University of Colorado Hospital, Denver, CO

Adult Inpatient Pain Service

  • Inpatient Acute Pain Service management
  • Nerve stimulator and ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks
  • Inpatient perineural catheters
  • Neuraxial pain management
Adult Outpatient Service
  • To include ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks and continuous home catheters

Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO

Adult Inpatient Service

  • Ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks
Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO Pediatric Inpatient Service
  • Ultrasound guided pediatric nerve blocks

Acute Pain Service Faculty:
Olivia Romano, MD, Acute Pain Service and Regional Pain Fellowship Director

Alison Brainard, MD
Adrian Hendrickse, MBBS
Christopher Lace, MD
Kyle Marshall, MD
Marina Shindell, DO
John Armstrong, MD, Adult outpatient anesthesia co-director
Jeffrey Shiffrin, MD, Adult outpatient anesthesia co-director
Christopher Ciariallo MD, Denver Health Medical Center
David Polaner, MD, Children’s Hospital Colorado
Alan Bielsky, Children’s Hospital Colorado

Application dates for 2018-2019 fellowship:

  1. Begin accepting applications January 1, 2017
  2. Interview from April-June 2017
  3. Decision made by September 1, 2017


Academic Experience:
Ability to function as OR attending 1-2 days/week
One academic day per week
Support to attend ASRA meeting
One to two months of research time (depending on project)

Appropriate office with internet access
Current fellows function as half time attending/ half time regional fellow