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Overview of Residency & Fellowship Programs

Anschutz Outpatient PavilionAnesthesiology is a practice of medicine dealing with (1) the management of procedures for rendering a patient insensible to pain and emotional stress during surgical, obstetrical, and certain medical procedures; (2) the support of life functions under the stress of surgery and anesthesia; (3) the clinical management of the patient unconscious from whatever cause; (4) care of critically ill patient; (5) the management of problems in pain relief; (6) the management of problems in cardiac and respiratory resuscitation; (7) the clinical management of various fluid, electrolyte, and metabolic disturbances.

The anesthesiologist is a skilled physician who demonstrates technical facility, sound medical judgment, and scholarship. The demands are many, the hours long, and the rewards multifold. Our goal is to prepare physicians for achieving certification by the American Board of Anesthesiology and for a successful career in anesthesiology.