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Continuing Education

elizabethwide (128 x 90).jpgThe International Symposium on the Pediatric Airway has been held approximately every four years since 1987. It has attracted participants from the US, Canada, Europe and South America and has become one of the premier venues for an interdisciplinary exchange of information and new ideas about the airway of infants and children.​ Read more​...




elizabethwide (128 x 90).jpgThe MOCA course is a full day of immersive simulation education. It has been designed to cater between 4 and 6 participants who will be facilitated by a minimum of 2 faculty members.

Participants will spend time being familiarized with the high-fidelity mannequin in the simulated environment before taking turns to manage realistic anesthesia-inspired critical events. Read more...




 elizabethwide (128 x 90).jpgColorado Review of Anesthesia for Surgicenters and Hospitals (CRASH)

CRASH 2015 - Sunday, March 1- Friday, March 6, 2015

CRASH 2015 is now in the planning stages! If you would like to be notified of registration opening date, please email ​​​​​for details! Read more​...