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Our Service to the Community

School of Medicine

We have a long-standing record of service that reflects our commitment to serving the Colorado community. An array of programs and projects designed to help the community is a testament to our work.

Clinical Services: 

Clinical Trials - CU researchers are looking for participants in hundreds of trials.   

Find a Doctor - Search for a physician who fits your needs. 

Find a Researcher - A list of our researchers and their interest areas. 


CU Medicine Today - A semi-annual publication featuring our students, faculty and alumni.

Facebook, Twitter - Get daily feeds on what's happening at the School of Medicine.

Newsroom - A running compilation of CU School of Medicine research, clinical, community and education news.

Calendar of Events - Our medical community offers thousands of talks, seminars and conferences each year.


Education Community - Events and offerings at the CU School of Medicine

Community Newsroom


How to Have an Eating Disorder Talk

What should you say to a friend you suspect has an eating disorder?

$120 Million Anschutz Gift

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus has received a $120 million gift, the largest private philanthropic commitment in its history, to further elevate its stature as one of the country’s top medical destinations.

Wildfire Smoke Risk

Healthy people probably will suffer little long-term damage to their lungs if they run outside on a smoky day, a CU doctor says.

Down Syndrome Explained

A CU Down syndrome researcher explains the most recent discoveries related to Down syndrome and cancer, Alzheimer's and other diseases.

Meningitis Vaccine Rates Low

Only half of pediatricians and a third of family physicians suggest the meningitis strain B vaccine for teens, a CU physician says.

More Measles Cases in 2018

Measles was declared eliminated from the U.S. nearly two decades ago, but the number of cases has been climbing this year.

Generic Epipens

A generic version of the EpiPen will go on the market soon, and could result in lower prices, a CU doctor says.

Integrated Mental-Physical Health

Primary care clinics are hiring psychologists to help patients who come in with mental health as well as physical complaints.

Tech Is Health Care's Future

“There’s a fundamental challenge in health care right now,” says UC Health's chief innovation officer. “You know firsthand that it’s broken. It’s not a little broken, it’s a lot broken. It’s not catastrophically broken, but it’s getting there.”

Crazy for Avocados

Americans love avocado, maybe a little too much, a CU doctor says.

8 Foods Cardiologists Avoid

Heart doctors tend to avoid certain foods to prevent cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death for American men and women.

Children's Donates Food

Children's Hospital Colorado is the first major Colorado donor to Copia, which reduces food waste by matching donors with groups serving people in need.

Independence for Veterans

A coalition of caregiving groups and researchers is helping create independence for veterans in rural Colorado.

Acupuncture Not Opioids

A patient traded in opioids for treatment at UCHealth Integrative Medicine Center to learn how to deal with his pain.

Epilepsy Warning for Incredibles 2

Portions of the film Incredibles 2 could cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy, a CU doctor says. Warning signs are now posted outside theaters.