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Welcome to the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Our Service to the Community

School of Medicine

We have a long-standing record of service that reflects our commitment to serving the Colorado community. An array of programs and projects designed to help the community is a testament to our work.

Clinical Services: 

Clinical Trials - CU researchers are looking for participants in hundreds of trials.   

Find a Doctor - Search for a physician who fits your needs. 

Find a Researcher - A list of our researchers and their interest areas. 


CU Medicine Today - A semi-annual publication featuring our students, faculty and alumni.

Facebook, Twitter - Get daily feeds on what's happening at the School of Medicine.

Newsroom - A running compilation of CU School of Medicine research, clinical, community and education news.

Calendar of Events - Our medical community offers thousands of talks, seminars and conferences each year.

Community Newsroom


Childhood Obesity Prevention Steps

Obesity is easier to prevent than cure, and new guidelines can guide families toward healthy lifestyles.

How to Avoid the Plague

Plague is rare, often misdiagnosed and more likely to be spread by fleas on wildlife than by those on household pets, a CU doctor says.

Surgery Successes at Fetal Center

A risky surgery at the Colorado Fetal Care Center proved helpful for a baby born with spina bifida.

Academic Affairs Chief Named

Peter Buttrick, MD, professor of medicine and head of the Division of Cardiology, has been named senior associate dean of academic affairs for the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Lightning Strike Training

Lightning strikes are rare, so the staff of UCH prepares for these unpredictable cases through realistics training exercises.

Six Categories of Drowning

There are six types of drowning - only one involves splashing and shouting. Learn how to recognize the other five.

Tap Water Improves Dental Health

Many Hispanic immigrants avoid drinking Denver's fluoridated tap water, leading to tooth decay especially among children.

Seven Healthy Protein Substitutes

A lot of vegetarian foods come packed with protein. A CU nutritionist says you just have to know where to look.

4 Workarounds for Needle Fears

About 40 percent of people fear needles, says a CU diabetes educator, but there are four new workarounds that can help.

Have Cost Talk with Doctor

Tell your doctor if you're concerned about the price of prescriptions or procedures to possibly lower costs.

Join the Mini Med School MOOC

Join Mini Med School's summer session and learn what your doctor and 20,000 other Coloradans who have taken this course know!

Protect Your Kids Online

Two CU physicians lay out what steps should you take to protect your children from online predators and bullying.

Unexpected Signs of Depression

Moving slowly or feeling fidgity? These are some of the lesser known signs of depression, a CU researcher says.

Mobile Stroke Unit

UCH new mobile stroke unit will help patients get faster treatment so they can recover more fully.

Girls, Boys Autism Symptoms Differ

Girls with autism often go undiagnosed longer because their symptoms can vary widely from those of boys.