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Our Service to the Community

School of Medicine

We have a long-standing record of service that reflects our commitment to serving the Colorado community. An array of programs and projects designed to help the community is a testament to our work.

Clinical Services: 

Clinical Trials - CU researchers are looking for participants in hundreds of trials.   

Find a Doctor - Search for a physician who fits your needs. 

Find a Researcher - A list of our researchers and their interest areas. 


CU Medicine Today - A semi-annual publication featuring our students, faculty and alumni.

Facebook, Twitter - Get daily feeds on what's happening at the School of Medicine.

Newsroom - A running compilation of CU School of Medicine research, clinical, community and education news.

Calendar of Events - Our medical community offers thousands of talks, seminars and conferences each year.


Education Community - Events and offerings at the CU School of Medicine

Community Newsroom


Why B12 Is Important

A B12 deficiency is dangerous, but too much can be toxic, a CU physician says.

Free Eating Disorder Questionnaire

CU eating disorder researchers have developed a procedure that takes detailed patient questionnaires and generates a fast, standardized score for mental health professionals.

When to Worry about Child Anxiety

“We are seeing more severely anxious adolescents coming through the door all the time,” says Benjamin Mullin, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado. “There’s no reason to be shy about asking for help.”

Recognizing Childhood Depression

The largest risk factor for depression is having a family history of depression, says Dr. Joel Stoddard, child psychiatrist in the Pediatric Mental Health Institute at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The Flu Season Has Begun

Flu cases have already been reported in Colorado, and a CU doctor says she expects an active year.

Heart Attacks Killing Triathletes

Athletes who don't warm up properly are in danger of suffering a heart attack, a CU physician says.

Surrogacy Options

A CU OB/GYN explains surrogacy options for people who need help conceiving or carrying a child.

Watch Sodium Levels at High Elevation

Drinking too much water at high altitude can deplete sodium levels and cause confusion and seizures, a CU expert says.

CU Contributes Billions to Economy

CU's four campuses contribute more than $12 billion to the Colorado economy, a business report says.

Tasty, Healthy Lunches for Kids

A few easy and delicious lunch ideas that are healthier than school lunches from one of our nurse practitioners.

The Right Amount of Protein For You

Age, activity, weight and gender influence the amount of protein you need every day, a CU physician says,

Diabetes and Heart Disease Are Linked

Diabetics are much more likely to develop heart disease than other patients, a CU physician says.

Health Worker Burnout Campaign

"The days of Marcus Welby, M.D., and Norman Rockwell seem like a very long time ago," CU's Marc Moss, MD, told a group of national leaders gathered to combat burnout among doctors and nurses.

Gluten-Free Diet Not for Everyone

​Parents need to use caution when deciding whether their children should eat gluten-free, physicians say.

Healthy Fast Food for Busy Parents

​Fast food can be part of a healthy diet if you make good choices, a CU nutritionist says.