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Chris Nyquist, MD

Please restate the difference between gram positive and gram negative.
If you get H1N1 are you immune to it?
A friend has eaten holes in her brain with short term memory loss, damage to the frontal cortex.  In the last few months some has healed and gotten smaller and now there is another area that has grown larger... They have considered mad cow and west Nile. She was also told she has a Staph infection.  In your opinion, what might she have?
When I was a child I spent a lot of time in a daycare and as a result I got sick a lot. Not necessarily Strep? Now I hardly get sick. Is this a positive correlation?
Can our diet affect our DNA in any way?
When I was in China the people used just cotton fabric over their mouths. Would this be effective in preventing infectious disease transmission?
Why do you have to wait until your 65 to get the varicella vaccination?
Would it be better to be proactive vs. reactive?
Is it true that vaccines that vaccinate against multiple diseases contain mercury to mix them? If so is it possible to get individual vaccines and avoid all mercury in vaccines? Does this cost more? Require informing the clinic ahead of time?
What is the life span of immunity? (Natural vs. vaccination) and is different for antibodies?
Have they traced the actual cause of the Listeria outbreak?
How does the needless (air) injection compare to the IM injection for flu vaccine? Is there a cost difference in one over the other? Dose one hurt more than the other?
Why do we need tetanus boosters every ten years?
Have there been any studies to test the benefits of raw milk?