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Cell Biology

John Cohen, MDCM, PhD

Is the human race becoming weaker, now that a lot of people survive genetic diseases?
Can genetic conditions be passed from mother to child on mitochondrial DNA?
Now that the human genome has been mapped, what do you do with it? Can you describe the relationship between gene sequencing and personalized medicine? And how soon will we see pervasive gene based therapies?
The future of ethics and DNA, where do you think these topics will go in the future? For example, would people be able to have "designer babies"? Select traits they want and discard traits they don't want?
How much does molecular mimicry affect immune health and confusion of this system? For example, could a microbe mimic a food protein?
What produces the most ATP per molecule burned in the mitochondria--sugar or fat?
How much do hormones such as leptin affect the ability of memory T-Cells to accurately tell "friend" from "foe"?
When organisms reproduce asexually, how do they evolve if they have identical genetic material?