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Anatomy & Physiology I

Robin Michaels, PhD

What are the ramifications of human pancreatitis?
Why is pancreatic cancer so deadly?
Do strokes affect certain areas of the brain more often than other parts? If so, what parts?
What causes epilepsy? Are there any cures?
Can you give us the word again for when sugars are in places they shouldn't be?
How does the nervous system connect with the cardiovascular system?
Is having a seizure similar to a stroke?
Are there any medications to block myostatin?
What happens to a liver once cancer is spread through it?
What factors alter the body's calorie requirements so that the "standard rules" no longer apply?
How do people get used to the flavor of liquor? What reaction is taking place?
How do we track calories and fat in homemade food?
What causes thyroid disease?
My doctor says if I take birth control I will get sick because I only weigh 95 pounds. Is that true?
How does “Hormone Replacement Therapy” work? Why is there so much controversy about this?
How much time does it take for liquid to reach the stomach?
How do drugs or medicine know where to go or where the pain is?
If you eat too many ghost chilies can it kill you?
What is the percent for overweight or obese children in the US & do they develop problems such as joint problems, cardiovascular disease, etc.?
Is there a test for the brain to see if a person is on the verge of having a stroke? And if so, is there something to heal it?
How do we function without a gall bladder?