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​The Sickle Cell Adult Provider Network (SCAPN) was established in 2002 in response to the need for communication and support amongst those who provide health care to adults with sickle cell disease. As sickle cell patients live longer, relatively healthier lives, there are a growing number of adults who require expert care from knowledgeable providers. Management of this complex disease can be very challenging, frustrating, discouraging, and very rewarding.


A small but significant number of providers have developed considerable expertise in the management of adult sickle cell disease. Our hope is that the SCAPN can serve to facilitate the dissemination of this knowledge and experience in support of the broader community of providers, serve to enhance collaboration in research efforts across traditional boundaries of professions and specialties, and foster the development and expand the number of professionals working with adults with sickle cell disease.

Over 300 physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, psychologists and other health care professionals receive information via email about potential collaborative opportunities,    in-person meetings, and utilize the network to seek advice regarding challenging clinical situations. Meetings are held during the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Centers’ Program Annual Meetings in the spring of each year, during the Sickle Cell Clinical Trials Meeting in the fall of each year, and at the American Society of Hematology Meetings in December of each year. All are welcome to attend and bring issues for discussion and consideration.

Currently, the SCAPN is coordinated by Dr. Kathryn Hassell, Director of the Colorado Sickle Cell Treatment and Research Center and the Coordinator, Shirley Miller

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