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Child Care

We will have a couple of individuals available who have volunteered to baby-sit and watch over children so that their parent’s may attend the symposium sessions.  We will provide a large room set-up with tables and chairs, a TV on which we can show children’s movies, and that has open floor space for children to play.  We will also have coloring books and crayons available and will provide light snacks and drinks.
PLEASE consider the length of the symposium, the age of your child, and their resting and entertainment needs when deciding whether you will bring them with you.  Parents of crying and/or upset children will be contacted during the sessions and asked to come and settle them down.
What to bring:  Favorite toys or games that will help keep a smile on their face.  You might also bring their favorite DVD to share with the other children.  Please bring any special food or drinks they may need.
What to do:  Be sure to include your child's name and age when you register so that we can plan accordingly.

Questions:      Call Cheri Burge at 303-724-9070 or 720-217-1306