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PCR Service

The quantitative PCR (qPCR) facility has been in operation since 1998 as a service of the Genomics Shared Resource at University of Colorado Cancer Center.

It has served more than 100 investigators at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and outside. With increased demand, the core has added a next generation laser-based ABI 7900 instrument. Nearly 500 samples are being handled every month.

Our Services

  • RNA isolation from tissues, cultured cells, blood, fine needle aspiration biopsies and LCM samples
  • Primer design and optimization 
  • Quantitation of gene expression at the mRNA level
  • DNA copy number assay
  • Micro RNA quantitation
  • SNP genotyping
  • Pathway-specific gene expression profiling
  • ChIP assay end points
  • Plate run (Use of PCR machine)
  • Measurement of absolute telomere length
  • qPCR genotyping assay for Down Syndrome mouse model Ts65Dn

How to Schedule a Service

You may schedule a time to meet at the core facility to discuss the project or

Take the following steps:

  1. Send the mRNA sequence, GenBank acc number or the name of the target specifying the species to
  2. We will design the primers/probe send you the optimal set along with the amplicon seq. You can then blast the amplicon sequence for specificity.
  3. We will place the order and contact you when the primers are received (approximately 7-10 days from ABI).
  4. You will need to provide a positive control in order to optimize the primers/probe and to set up a standard curve for your assay. You may either use an absolute std, relative std po absolute PCR std:
    1. Quantitated riboprobe (absolute standard) or invitro transcribed RNA
    2. RNA from source with known expression of gene (relative standard)
    3. Plasmid-DNA (absolute PCR standard). If you are not sure about a positive control, then we can place the order for the amplicon as a single stranded DNA and use it for std curve.
  5. When your test samples and stds (RNA in water ~ 1 ug/ul) are ready, contact Uma @ 303-724-3965 to set up a date and time for sample drop off.  You can get guidance from the core for nucleic acid isolation, purification and checking the integrity of RNA or DNA.
  6. The results will be emailed to you within 5 business days.
  7. The results of your experiment will include the following: Plots showing the amplification of target and normalizing genes, the standard curve and quantities of target genes normalized to control genes.


Service Member Non-Member
RNA Duplicate $22 $26
DNA Duplicate $16 $20
rRNA Control $26 $32
Standard Curve $173 $242
Optimization $130 $182
Plate Run $126 $195
RNA Extraction - 5 samples $127 $196
RNA Extraction - 10 samples $172 $263
RNA Extraction - 15 samples $209 $323
RNA Extraction - 20 samples $250 $387


Prices effective 7/1/2011