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University of Colorado Cancer Center

University of Colorado Cancer Center, A National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

New Protocol Submissions

What new protocols need to be reviewed by the PRMS?

Any oncology-related protocol whether industry sponsored, cooperative/national group or PI initiated MUST be reviewed by the PRMS prior to IRB review and/or approval.

New PRMS Submission Deadlines:

New protocol submissions must be received by end of business (5 p.m. MST) on the Friday following the current PRMS (Scientific Review Committee) meeting (see PRMS meeting dates for more information). Submissions that are late or incomplete may not be accepted and would need to be resubmitted at the next deadline. Please contact the PRMS administrator in advance of the deadline if you would like to request an exception.

How to submit a new protocol to the PRMS:
Both Hard Copies and Electronic Copies are required as part of the PRMS submission. 
Hard copies must be received before 5:00 pm on the deadline date.East Wing E6314 in PRMS basket. ​

Hard Copies
Please deliver to Deb McCollister in Bldg 500, 6th Floor East Wing E6314 in PRMS basket. 

  1. Protocol - 1 copy double-sided
  2. PRMS | SRC Submission Form (signed copy if not done electronically)
  3. PRMS | EC Submission Form (signed copy if not done electronically)
  4. Disease site schema (see instructions below)

Electronic Copies

Please e-mail these to
In the subject line please include: "New Protocol Submission - Sponsor - PI - Disease Site Team."

  1. Protocol
  2. PRMS | SRC Submission Form - original electronic PDF required
  3. PRMS | EC Submission Form - original electronic PDF required
  4. Signed (scanned) PRMS submission forms if not electronically signed
  5. Disease site schema - (see links for instructions, schema, protocol list)
    Must include statement of justification for competing trials if applicable.
  6. Investigator brochure​
  7. MSDS sheet (if applicable)

Note: If your protocol or investigator brochure is ​password protected please include the password in your e-mail.