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University of Colorado Cancer Center

University of Colorado Cancer Center, A National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

PRMS Committee Membership

                                                                   PRMS Executive Committee - EC
Jonathan Gutman, MD - Director
Susie Mercer, CCRC - Administrator
                                                                  Scientific Review Committee - SRC
​Jonathan Gutman, MD - Director (SRC Chair)
​Eamon Berge, MD
​Daniel Pollyea, MD
​Carrye Cost, MD, MS
​John Tentler, MD
​Barish Edil, MD, PhD
​Stacey Fischer, MD
​Amy Keating, MD
​Antonio Jimeno, MD, PhD
​Anthony Elias, MD
​Tom Purcell, MD
​Karl Lewis, MD
​Wells Messersmith, MD
​Gail Eckhardt, MD
​Ross Camidge, MD, PhD
​Robert Marschke, MD
​Patrick (Jud) Blatchford, PhD (biostatistics)
Dexiang Gao, PhD (biostatistics)
​Bryan McNair, MS (biostatistics) 
Melinda Friesleben, PharmD
​Tiffani Kirkpatrick, PharmD
​Krista Wolf, PharmD
​Timothy Schardt, PharmD
​Susie Mercer, CCRC (Administrator)

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