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University of Colorado Cancer Center

University of Colorado Cancer Center, A National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Cancer Clinical Trials Office Leadership

Name Position Contact Info
​Karyn Goodman, MD, MS
​Associate Director for Clinical Research
Christopher Lieu, MD
​Deputy Associate Director for Clinical Research
Ken Tadikonda
Assistant Director of Finance
Michaela Montour
Assistant Director of Research Administration

Sherri Wilke
Cancer Clinical Trials Office Regulatory Affairs Manager


​Jennifer Diamond, MD​
​Cancer Clinical Trials Office Medical Director

​Margaret Beveridge
​Cancer Clinical Trials Office Pre-Award Manager
Alison Sutton ​ Senior Operations Manager for the CCTO ​(720) 848-0601
Mark Morrow ​CCTO Phase 1 Team Manager ​720-848-0601
Robyn Swing ​CCTO GYN/RT/Brain Team Manager
Paula Fisk CCTO Lung/Endocrine Team Manager
Michelle Carr
CCTO Melanoma/Cutaneous Team Manager
Tiffany Colvin
​CCTO Breast/Sarcoma Team Manager ​720-848-0664
Kerry Scriber
CCTO Genitourinary Team Manager 720-848-0656
Derek Schatz Heme/BMT Team Manager


Amy Wallace ​CCTO Head and Neck/GI Team Manager ​720-848-2538
Nicole Chronister ​NCTN Project Coordinator/Community Outreach Sites ​303-724-8868
Tiffany Cull ​Cancer Center Research Monitor ​303-724-8801
Lisa Carter ​Cancer Center Research Monitor
Deb McCollister ​PRMS Director
Andrew Wise
​DSMC Manager ​303-724-8606
​Stacy Grolnic
​CPDM Director
​Cancer Center IIT Program