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Service Cost

The MPSR/Cytogenetics follows a user fee system whereby charges are based on the actually services performed. 

Pricing is established through annual cost study that is reviewed and approved by the UCCC Administrative Shared Resource and the UCD Finance Department. The cost study defines the total operating costs and establishes the subsidies on services that UCCC members will receive as a result of the CCSG funding.

The average cost for each service is posted below. It is important to note that since labor is an essential component of cost, simple analyses may cost less and complex analyses may cost more than average. Accurate estimates of final cost for individual projects can be obtained with the lab director.

Cancer Center Member Price​ ​Non-Cancer Center Member Price
​Test description ​Base Price ​Base Price ​
Cell Culture Harvesting​ ​$141
​Slide Making ​$75 ​​$89
Ploidy Evaluation​ ​$278 ​$324
Classical Karyotyping
​$665 ​$774
DNA Cloning ​$1,877 ​$2,151
​DNA Amplification ​$535 ​$545
DNA Labeling​ ​$133 ​$147
FISH assays- probe A (homebrew)​ ​$377 ​$450
FISH assays- probe B (commercial) ​$476 ​$549
Multicolor Karyotyping ​$2,394 ​$2,668
Consulting ​$150 ​$150

Prices effective January 1, 2016