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The laboratory owns five high quality fluorescence microscopes, manufactured by Olympus and Carl Zeiss Inc. The specific applications to comprise functional workstations are as follows. For G-Banding the lab uses Case Data Manager v. 7.2.6 and BandView v. 7.2.6 (Applied Spectral Imaging, ASI). For SKY karyotyping it uses HiSKY applications (SKYView v. 7.2.6 and HiSKY v.7.2.6) coupled with an Olympus BX60 microscope. 

figure 8.jpg

Figure 8. HiSKY Station 

FISH workstations use CytoVision software (Leica BioSystems) attached to Zeiss AxioImager microscopes. The AxioImager Z1, M2 and M1 all have automated features for fluorescence bulb alignment and series of filters to control the light path for optimal use. The high magnification objectives are Plan-Apo or Plan-Apochromat with the highest numerical apertures available to guarantee the best quality for microscope view and for images. The fluorescent microscopes have interference filters for the wavelengths of single band blue (DAPI), aqua, green (FITC), red (Texas red); as well as dual band pass for green/red, aqua/gold; and triple band pass for blue/red/green. 

figure 9.jpg
Figure 9. FISH Workstation Zeiss AxioImager M1

The shared resource recently acquired the Bioview Allegro Plus Scanning system, a workstation that works both fully automated or custom-based for FISH analyses in all biological specimens. The Allegro Plus is an automated 8 slide scanning fluorescent microscope station with up to 60X oil objective magnification. The interference filters available are single band blue (DAPI), aqua, green (FITC), gold, orange and red (Texas Red). The workstation also includes two Solo Touch stations for image analysis and annotation with software assisted scoring of break-apart and enumeration FISH scannings. 

figure 10.jpg
Figure 10.Allegro Plus Scanning (right) and Solo Touch (left) Systems (Bioview)