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Image-guided tracking and precision radiotherapy shared resource

The new established state-of-the art facility houses affordable multi-modality imaging and precision radiotherapy tools for small animals. Image registration software allows accurate registration of images for longitudinal monitoring studies. Image registration between cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) and bioluminescence imaging (BLI) provides an anatomical dimension to biological parameters that are luciferase tagged such as tumors. The high precision irradiator is equipped with collimators that provide accurate delivery of radiation to internal structures within 1mm accuracy. The versatile 3600 rotation capability of the irradiator allows beam delivery through multiple angles, allowing delivery of high doses of radiation with minimal toxicity to normal tissue. The dose-volume histograms provide detailed information on the dose distribution within the target as well as outside the irradiated region. The high dose rate (5Gy/min) allows rapid delivery of the required dose in a short period of time. Animals can be anesthetized using the on-board isoflurane vaporizer ensuring safe delivery of the radiation and avoiding overdosing or underdosing of animals with injectable anesthetics.

Services offered by IGTPR:

- Bioluminescence imaging

- Cone-beam CT imaging

- Image registration (within and between modalities)

- Accurate and targeted delivery of ionizing radiation to any site

- Radiotherapy experiment design

- Data analysis