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Analyze Your Data

Data Storage

The FCSR archives all listmode data for our users. We also have a shared-access drive for data transfer purposes. Just copy your data to the share drive (or ask us to do it) and download the data to your server. Contact us for shared drive access permission.

To expedite access to your data, we suggest that you retrieve data shortly after it is generated and store it in a secure place. While all user data is archived by the shared resource, there may be a delay in accessing data files that were generated longer than one year ago.


Analysis Software 

The following analysis software is available in the FCSR. An analysis workstation is available for use at no charge, or you may download Kaluza to your desktop. Contact the FCSR for license information. 

  • ​​Kaluza site license - Available for Download

  • FlowJo - Site License Available for Purchase

  • FCS Express - Site License Available for Purchase

  • Astrolabe - CyTOF data automated analysis

  • Modfit Cell Cycle Analysis - Staff Assisted