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Irradiation Services

The Radiation Sciences Core supports radiation biology studies of cell cultures and small animals receiving moderate-dose radiation. We also enable investigators to study low dose-rate irradiation in cell culture. And we provide irradiation services for investigators who need this tool in support of other efforts, such as using total body irradiation for immunosuppression of animals before stem cell transplantation.

Services We Offer:

  • Project design and consultation, including advice on radiation delivery to in vitro experiments and animal models
  • Design assistance for single or fractionated radiation protocols and study duration
  • Radiation safety training (all users) and radiation operation training (advanced users)
  • Animal tumor and partial-body irradiation at doses comparable to external beam radiotherapy
  • Cell suspension irradiation
  • High-dose irradiation to sterilize implant material
  • Dosimetry calculation
  • Calibration in support of stem cell research
  • Blocking cellular division in in vitro cell cultures
  • Immune function assays
  • Radiation-induced DNA damage repair studies
  • Data analysis an publication preparation assistance


​                       Contact: Sana Karam, MD, PhD or Ben VanCourt​


The Radiation Sciences Core offers a discounted rate for CU Cancer Center members. Non-members are welcome to use our services as well, but we give members scheduling priority. We issue all users a key card that operates the equipment and tracks your time for easy billing.


Radiology-based facility with a GE cyclotron on-site.

Director: Yubin Miao, PhD​

Radiochemistry Website​