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 The University of Colorado Cancer Center (the “Center”) has been designated a consortium comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health. The Center receives support from the National Cancer Institute under Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) P30CA046934. The cancer center consortium has 6 members: University of Colorado Denver, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University, University of Colorado Hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado and the Denver VA Medical Center. Our ability to maintain this designation and grant is dependent upon having center members that focus on cancer research. 

Section 1. Eligibility 

Center membership is available to scientists and clinicians who spend 25% or more of their research on cancer-related activities, irrespective of their affiliation with consortium institutions. Application for membership is voluntary and indicates agreement by the applicant with the Center’s Expectations of Membership defined below. Applications are taken from individuals, not groups or institutions. 

Section 2. Application Process

Candidates must submit an online application. (Questions: A complete application consists of: 1) a completed Membership Application Form; 2) the Cancer Relevance Information Statement; and 3) a current copy of the applicant’s NIH Biosketch in the current NIH format. Applications will be reviewed by the Program Leaders who will recommend membership status and program assignment to the Center’s Governance Committee. The Governance Committee will vote on approval. 

Section 3. Membership Categories 

Four types of Membership are granted: 

3.1. CCSG Member: CCSG membership will be considered if the applicant has a research focus in either basic, clinical, translational or population-based cancer research. CCSG Member status will be considered if the applicant meets criteria 1 and 2: 

       1. Is currently the Principal Investigator (PI) of an independent peer-reviewed cancer research grant as defined by the NCI1, or is currently the national PI of a cancer clinical trial; and 

       2. Is an author on at least three peer-reviewed papers published within the past three years that are significantly cancer-related (in-press publications are considered).

3.2. Affiliate Member: Affiliate membership will be considered if the applicant contributes to either basic, translational, or population-based cancer research or cancer education. Affiliate Member status will be considered if the applicant meets criteria 1 or 2: 

      1. Is the PI of non-peer reviewed1 cancer-focused sponsored research within the past three years; or 

      2. Is an author on at least two peer-reviewed papers with significant cancer focus published within the past five years (in-press publications are considered). 

3.3. Clinical Member: Clinical membership will be considered if the applicant contributes to clinical cancer research by serving either as the local PI of a cancer-related clinical trial within the past three years or as other Key Personnel on a clinical trial. 

Applicants that qualify for affiliate or clinical member status may be considered for CCSG member status under the following circumstances: 

      1. Cancer Center Leaders: At the Director’s discretion, individuals who hold CCSG leadership roles but who do not otherwise qualify for CCSG member status may be granted CCSG member status. 

     2. Clinical Investigators: Investigators who contribute significantly to the Center’s research mission with a robust portfolio of actively accruing clinical trials may be nominated by Program Leaders for CCSG member status. 

3.4 Mentored Member. Mentored membership will be considered if the applicant has a research focus in either basic, clinical, translational or population-based cancer research and meets criteria 1 and 2: 

     1. Qualifies for affiliate member status 

     2. Is within the first 3 years of Assistant Professor position or an equivalent independent faculty position.

Candidates must be nominated for Mentored Member status by the Program Leaders. Nomination occurs during review of the application. Mentored Member status confers the same privileges of CCSG member status, but for a limited time as outlined below. Nominations are subject to approval by the Governance Committee. If Mentored Member status is granted, the initial membership will be for 3 years (renewable once for 3 additional years at the discretion of the Program Leaders and with Governance Committee approval). The expectation is that most Mentored Members will meet the criteria to be a CCSG member within 3 years. 

Section 4. Ongoing Membership Review 

All members will be reviewed annually by Program Leaders in conjunction with the preparation of the CCSG progress report to determine ongoing adherence with the criteria specified for the membership categories above. CCSG members who have lost peer reviewed cancer funding, or whose trial portfolio has diminished, may be retained as CCSG members for a period of up to 3 years at the discretion of the Program Leaders and with concurrence from the Governance Committee. To facilitate this annual review, members may be asked to provide information regarding their publications and sponsored research awards, as well as an updated statement of their cancer research. Non-response to requests will jeopardize continuation of membership. 

Section 5. Appeals 

Individuals may appeal decisions regarding eligibility or changes to their membership status or category. Appeals should be submitted to the Administrative Office ( and should include evidence of compliance with membership criteria. The appeal will be considered by the Governance Committee. 

Section 6. Benefits of Membership 

6.1 Affiliate and Clinical Members are eligible for

    1. Participation in Center-wide or program-based research symposia and retreats; attendance at special presentations; participation in community engagement, education and training activities. 

    2. Intramural funding opportunities provided by the Center, with the exception of pilot projects supported by CCSG Developmental Funds. 

    3. Announcement of new research developments and clinical breakthroughs by Center media relations professionals. 

    4. Support from the Cancer Center’s Oncology Clinical Research Support Team (OCRST) for development of approved investigator-initiated trials. 

    5. Access to the Cancer Clinical Trials Office shared resource for trial support. 

6.2 CCSG and Mentored Members are eligible for all Affiliate/Clinical Membership benefits outlined above and the following: 

    1. Consideration for nomination by the Center to national cancer-specific funding opportunities that limit the number of applications per institution (e.g. the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation; Samuel Waxman Foundation; Mary Kay Foundation; and the V Foundation); 

    2. Access to the Center’s Administrative Office for support of: a. Development and submission of large, multi-departmental cancer-specific grants; b. Planning, scheduling and organization of Center endorsed activities benefiting a large contingent of the membership; 

    3. Access to the Center’s basic and population science shared resources at subsidized rates for support of their cancer-related research activities; and 

    4. Support from CCSG Developmental Funds designated for intramural pilot projects. 

Section 7. Expectations of Membership 

The Cancer Center is an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center. To maintain this designation, we expect each member to: 

    1. Participate in the Center sponsored symposia, retreats, seminars, and surveys. 

    2. Provide annual lay and scientific progress reports for pilot projects and other funding from the Center. 

    3. Provide information regarding publications, grant submissions and awards, and any other research resources developed as a result of the funding provided by the Cancer Center. 

    4. Submit all human subject research protocols to the Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee in advance of IRB submission, and abide by the Cancer Center’s NCI-approved Data & Safety Monitoring Plan. 

    5. Acknowledge the CCSG and use of Center Shared Resources in publications as below. Our NCI designation is dependent upon this grant and our compliance with NIH’s Public Access Policies. 

“This work was supported in part by the University of Colorado Cancer Center’s ____________ Shared Resource funded by NCI grant P30CA046934.” 


“Supported in part by the ________________ Shared Resource of the Colorado cancer center support grant P30CA046934.”​

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