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Sample Milestones

During the first two years in the training program, Paul Calabresi Scholars are expected to reach certain milestones. Scholars should use the following timeline to help plan there first years in the training program.

Year 1:

Timeline Sample Milestones
1 Month Complete the selection of the mentor committee
1-3 Months

Define components of the individual training program

Develop a proposed timeline

3-6 Months Define a research project and submit a brief research proposal
1-12 Months

PRMC participation

Prepare literature review

Basic research experience for clinician (at least 6 months)

Clinical research experience for basic scientist and clinician scholars

Scholar symposium presentation

Abstract submission/presentation

Seed grant application

Core didactic coursework (ethics, trial design, biostatistics)

Year 2:

Timeline Sample Milestones
1 Month Refine proposed timetable with AC and mentor committee input
1-12 Months

Core didactic coursework (statistics, grant writing, electives)

Basic research experience for clinician, continued if appropriate

Clinical research experience

COMIRB participation

Design and initiate a clinical oncology study with translational component

Abstract submission/presentation

Manuscript submission

Symposium presentation

Grant Submission