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Application Guidelines

All applicants should complete the approved application form available below by clicking on the Apply Now! button or upon request to Paige Diller​. Applications which do not adhere to the strict formatting will not be considered. Font size must be no less than 12-point Times New Roman or 11-point Arial and must not exceed an average of 12 characters per inch. 

All applicants for all award types should use the approved ACS application form.

If you have any questions please contact


Face Page (Form Page 1)

Provide the name of the Principal Investigator, including academic position, school, department, contact information and CU Cancer Center membership status.

Summary - (Form Page 1)

Applications must include a summary of the project not to exceed one-half page of single-spaced type. It should consist of a brief description of the objectives, rationale, methods, and expected results.

Budget (Form Page 2)

  • A detailed, categorical budget request for the project must be provided.
  • A copy of the ACS Budget Guidelines is included for guidance on ACS IRG budgets.
  • Only direct costs are allowed. Salaries and fringe benefits for technical support may be included. 
  • Justification should be included for all costs. Requests for travel funds or for items of major equipment (cost per item exceeding $2,000) will require detailed justification.
  • Funds will not be provided to pay for clinical services or other expenses that are otherwise a reimbursable cost.
  • Budget for total costs will not exceed $30,000 (no indirect costs awarded).
  • The use of Cancer Center Shared Resources to support each research effort is strongly encouraged.

Cancer Relevance Information (Form Page 3)

Self-explanatory. Cancer relevance must be described for the project.

Biographical Sketch (Form Page 4 or NIH Form 398)

A biographical sketch (Form Page 4) should be included for the Principal Investigator(s) and any other key personnel (collaborators, Co-PIs, co-sponsors, etc). NIH Form 398 may be substituted for Form Page 4. Do not exceed 3 pages.

Positions and Honors

List in chronological order previous positions concluding with your present position. State duration, title, and institution. List any honors


Give complete references for all peer reviewed publications over the last five years, including titles; begin each citation on a new line. If the number of publications is extensive, you may give partial listing; indicate total number of publications (excluding abstracts, non-peer reviewed articles or book chapters).

Other Support (Form Page 5)

For each PI and all key personnel for whom a biosketch is included, provide a complete list of all current and pending research support, including Agency, project title, award amount (annual direct costs and total project direct costs), period of award and Principal Investigator. Overlap with the present application must be defined and justified. NIH Other Support sheets may be substituted for Form Page 5.  Do not exceed 2 pages

Description of Research Proposed (Form Page 5)

A complete but concise description of the project must be included. This portion of the application should contain:

  • Specific Aims (no more than 1/2 page)
  • Rationale and Background (limited to 1 page)
  • Preliminary Studies (limited to 1-1/2 pages)
  • Experimental Design and Methods (limited to 3 pages)
  • any other information required to fully describe the proposed work.

The Project Plan should be no more than a total of 6 typed pages, including figures, tables and other relevant data. (Do not send more than 1 preprint/reprint. Do not send an appendix.)


The importance of the proposed work, its relevance to cancer, its translational impact, the potential for further research and the potential for securing future funding for the project must be clearly and concisely stated (limited to 1/2 page).

Other Factors

Applicants may include a concise description of any other factors that should be considered in the evaluation of the proposal, for example, specialized resources or equipment available to the study, collaborative arrangements, etc. This is limited to 1/2 page.


Assistant Professors and Instructors are required to submit a letter of support from the chair or division head stating the independence of the application and the unit’s commitment to the applicant (e.g., research space, salary, etc.).


If the study involved human subjects, vertebrate animals, or recombinant DNA research, the Principal Investigator must certify that, if a grant is awarded, he/she will adhere to appropriate regulations, including approval of the study by the properly constituted Institutional Review Board (COMIRB), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and/or Biosafety Committee. Funds may not be expended until satisfactory documentation of the required approval(s) is provided.


References should be limited to two pages.

Research Promotion Form (Form Page 6)



All publications, abstracts, or similar communications resulting from work supported by ACS IRG funds must acknowledge this support by inclusion of the statement: "Supported (in part) by a research grant from the American Cancer Society."

Final Report

Recipients must submit a final report summarizing the results of their studies supported by the grant, including plans for, or results of, attempts to secure additional funding for the project, and copies of all publications resulting from the work.

Final reports will be requested at the conclusion of the grant period. Annual updates are required for four years (These are critical for successful ACS IRG grant renewal). Failure to submit a final report could jeopardize future funding to the individual and/or the institution.

Submission Requirements

Applications must be submitted electronically in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat). The electronic copy must include all letters and other attachments in the order specified on the preceding pages as this copy will be provided to the reviewers.

The PDF file should be submitted to


The deadline is Monday, November 6th, 2017 -5:00 PM MST. (No Exceptions)

Do not send applications to Dr. Richer as this may delay their arrival at the CU Cancer Center office.


Paige Diller
Phone | 303-724-9544

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