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ACS Budget Guidelines

Allowed Expenditures

  • Research supplies and animal maintenance
  • Technical assistance
  • Domestic travel when necessary to carry out the proposed research program
  • Publication costs, including reprints
  • Costs of computer time
  • Special fees (pathology, photography, etc.)
  • Stipends for graduate students and postdoctoral assistants if their role is to promote and sustain the project presented by the junior faculty member
  • Equipment costing less than $2,000. Special justification is necessary for items exceeding this amount, and permission must be obtained from the Society’s Extramural Grants Department for the purchase of such equipment
  • Registration fees at scientific meetings
  • Expenditures Not Allowed

  • Secretarial/Administrative personnel
  • Salary of Principal Investigator (IRG Chairman or individual awardee)
  • Tuition
  • Foreign Travel; special consideration will be given for attendance at scientific meetings held in Canada
  • Honoraria and travel expenses for visiting lecturers
  • Per diem charges for hospital beds
  • Non-medical services to patients
  • Construction or building maintenance
  • Major alterations
  • Purchasing and binding of periodicals and books
  • Office and laboratory furniture
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • Rental of office or laboratory space
  • Recruiting and relocation expenses
  • Dues and membership fees in scientific societies