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Lung, Head and Neck T32

T32CA174648, “Training in Translational Research of Lung, Head and Neck Cancer

The Lung, Head and Neck (LHN) cancer training program (LHNTP) is a multi-disciplinary translational program with the mission to train the next generation of researchers and physician scientists in LHN cancers. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, and head and neck cancer (HNC) is a high morbidity cancer type. Both cancers have a poor prognosis, share some common etiological factors (e.g., tobacco consumption) and therapeutic interventions. This T32 program was funded in 2013, rooted in the LHN program at the University of Colorado Cancer Center (UCCC). We fund postdoctoral fellows (PhD and MD trainees) and graduate students who are passionate about their career goals as independent investigators or physician scientists in LHN cancer research. We have designed didactic coursework for all trainees and clinical coursework for non-MD trainees to enhance the trainee’s scientific background and the translational aspect of our program in addition to laboratory training. The LHNTP aims to incorporate innovative and multi-disciplinary clinical and research expertise into our training; we have unique resources and expertise to significantly strengthen training for the next generation of basic- and physician-scientists dedicated to LHN cancer research. ​​​