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Monique Spillman, MD, PhD



Gynecologic Oncology


University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


The student must have completed one year of college.

Number of opennings:1


One major goal of the lab is to define the role of estrogen and progesterone in the growth and metastasis of ovarian cancer. We address the role of hormone replacement therapy through long term in vivo modeling and in vitro molecular biology. 

The second major goal of the lab is to assess the interaction of TRAIL receptors and EYA homeobox proteins in the prognosis and treatment of ovarian cancers.


Techniques routinely in use in the lab include quantitative PCR, western blotting, fluorescent in vivo and in vitro imaging, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, tissue culture, and microRNA analysis. 

Current projects are examining the estrogen related changes in microRNAs in tumor samples; delineating the role of estrogen in metastasis of ovarian cancer cells from the abdominal cavity into lymph nodes; and defining the partner proteins of the estrogen receptor in ovarian cancer cell lines.