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Enrique Torchia, PhD



Oncogenes, Cancer progression, Genomic Instability in Cancer


University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


Two completed years of college with emphasis on biochemistry or cell biology

Number of Openings: 1


Ongoing projects focus on the role of aberrant mitosis in the formation of metastatic epithelial tumors. Our approach is to use genetically engineered animals or cells to model the cellular alterations (e.g., mutations) found in human tumors. We employ single cell technologies to understand molecular mechanism that are important in the progression of pre-cancerous cells. 


Student will (1) aid in the characterization of the earliest stages of tumor development in models of metastatic skin carcinomas and (2) help define the role of aberrant mitosis in promoting metastasis. The student will gain experience in the use of genetically engineered models and techniques such as tissue mass cytometry, immunostaining, single cell isolation and RNA sequencing. Additionally, the intern will learn how to organize data, present and discuss results according to the literature.