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Susan Reynolds, PhD



Epithelial Tissue-Specific Stem Cells, Epithelial Repair


National Jewish Health, Main Health Campus


Must have completed 1 year of college and have experience with mouse dissection.

Number of openings:1


This project will determine if tissue-specific stem cell proliferation is regulated by the tumor-suppressor protein Nkx2.8. The studies will utilize Nkx2.8 wild type and knockout mice and in vivo, in vitro, and transplantation assays.


The student will learn the following experimental methods: 1) histological analysis of proliferation and differentiation in lung and tracheal tissue sections from normal and naphthalene-injured mice; and 2)  purification and in vitro analysis of tissue-specific stem cell number, phenotype, and function.  Human health relevance will be examined by transplantation of wild type and knockout tissue-specific stem cells to the skin or into the lungs. Transplanted cells will be evaluated for proliferation, differentiation, and tumor-formation.