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Stephen Malkoski, MD, PhD



Oncogenes and tumor suppressors, tumor development and progression


 Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine


University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora


The student must have completed 3 years of college

Number of Openings:  1


The main goal of the project is the molecular characterization of lung tumors generated in genetically modified mice. 


Our laboratory is interested in how specific molecular defects promote the development of lung tumors. We have several strains of genetically modified mice that develop tumors in the lung and other epithelial tissues and are trying to determine how closely these tumors mimic human tumors arising in these tissues.  Students will:  a) prepare specimens including isolation of DNA, RNA, and protein; b) perform immunostaining (immunohistochemistry and immunofluresence); c) perform quantitative PCR; d) analyze data generated by these methods; e) organize appropriate databases; f) interpret and discuss results according to the literature.