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S. Gail Eckhardt, MD



Developmental Therapeutics


Medical Oncology


University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


Must have completed two years of college

Number of openings: 1

Program Objective:

Use cell culture models to develop movel therapeutics for GI malignancies.

Program Description:

Dr. Eckhardt's lab is part of the multiple-PI lab that is involved in developmental therapeutics and translational studies related to GI cancers. In addition to conducting correlative biological assays for some of our Phase I clinical trials, a major focus of our lab is the development of predictive and pharmacodynamic biomarkers for novel, molecularly-targeted anticancer agents.

The current focus in on VEGF-R, mek, IGF-1R, HDAC, and aurora kinase inhibitors. The model systems we are developing and characterizing include cell lines, colorectal (CRC) stem cells, 3-D cultures, orthotopic and metastatic models, and GI human tumor explant models. In collaboration with Dr. Natalie Serkova, we are interested in preclinical imaging using micro-CT/PET, DCE-MRI, as well as metabolomics. Our funding comes from the NCI, the pharmaceutical industry, and private foundations.