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Manuals and Forms - Updates coming spring 2017

Program Manual
Program Manual Chapter
Topics Include Last Update
Chapter 1 (.pdf)
Program Description May 2013
Chapter 2. (.pdf)
Screening & Surveillance Guidelines July 2014
Chapter 3 (.pdf) Policies & Procedures to Verify Citizenship/Legal Residence Status May 2013
​Chapter 4 (.pdf) ​Policies & Procedures to Receive Payment for Screening Services ​May 2013

Chapter 5 (.pdf)
​Policies & Procedures to Receive Payment for Treatment ​May 2013
Chapter 6 (.pdf)
​Policy and Procedures for Program Evaluation May 2013
​Chapter 7 (.pdf) ​Clinical Support and Patient Navigation May 2013
Chapter 8 (.pdf)
​Media and Public Awareness ​May 2013

Patient Navigation Guide


Patient Navigation Guide

 Part I through Part IV

Topics Include Last Update

Patient Navigation Guidebook.pdfPatient Navigation Guidebook.pdf (.pdf)
Patient Navigation, Colorectal Cancer, Patient Navigation for the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program, Resources for Patient Navigators May 2013

Evaluation & Aggregate Data Collection Tool-

Aggregate Data Collection Tools Topics Include Last Update
​July 2016

CCSP Evaluation Data Collection Form.pdfCCSP Evaluation Data Collection Form.pdf

July 2016

FY1617 Aggregate Evaluation Tool.xlsxFY1617 Aggregate Evaluation Tool.xlsx ​July 2016
​​Aggregate Evaluation Tool Webinar - March 2016.pdfAggregate Evaluation Tool Webinar - March 2016.pdf ​​March 2016 ​​

Flu-FOBT Toolkit

Flu-FOBT Toolkit Topics Include Last Update

Flu-FOBT Toolkit


Program Forms

Document Content
​​PCP ReferralForm
Program Eligibility​
HB 1023​​ Affidavit  ​(.pdf)
Program Eligibility​
HB 1023 Affidavit Spanish ​(.pdf)
Program Eligibility​
Certificate of Verification
​Program Eligibility
CCSP Materials Order Form - 2015.pdfCCSP Materials Order Form - 2015.pdf
Media & Awareness​