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Patient Navigator Spotlight

Rocio works for Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (the Coalition) at the Stout Street Health Center, West End Health Center and the Stout Street Clinic at St. Francis Center in Denver, CO. She functions in numerous capacities at these clinics, to include the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program (the Program) patient navigator.  Rocio has worked with the Program for eight years, successfully serving a very unique population.  Rocio expressed that "being able to help people that are homeless or at risk of being homeless get the medical care and services they need" is what she enjoys about working at the clinics.

Since partnering with the Coalition, almost 800 individuals have been screened for colorectal cancer (CRC), through the Program, with Rocio's​ assistance.  Rocio stated, patients "have been very thankful and grateful" for the free CRC screens allotted to the clinics for uninsured patients. Getting a patient to agree to complete the bowel preparation and follow through with the colonoscopy procedure can be extremely challenging due to the many barriers patient's experience generally.  When you add the barrier of lacking a fixed residence, asking a patient to complete the bowel preparation and colonoscopy seems too much to ask.  Yet and still, Rocio and the Coalition, get their patients to agree and get them successfully screened.  Rocio expressed that "patients are grateful to have these services provided to them when needed."  We commend Rocio and all of the Coalition clinics for the work and the service they provide.  

We salute Rocio for her hard work in navigating patients through the CRC screening process.  We appreciate all of your efforts to reach and serve this unique population, ensuring they have access to preventive screening, to include colorectal cancer screening.  We value your partnership.

Thank you Rocio!