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University of Colorado Cancer Center

University of Colorado Cancer Center, A National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Patient Navigator Spotlight

SunrisePhoto5.jpgShannon, Claire and Raquel work for Sunrise Community Health at the Loveland Community Health Center and the Monfort​ Family Clinic.  They function in various capacities at their clinics to include the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program (the Program) patient navigators.  Shannon has worked with the Program almost since the beginning; Claire for two years; and Raquel for three years.  They all speak highly of working in a community health center setting. Shannon expressed, "I love that I feel like I am giving back. Our patients are so appreciative of the work that we do every day.  It is a great population to work with.  My co-workers have similar feelings; we work here because of the mission and the patients we serve."  
Since partnering with Sunrise, 1216 individuals have been screened for colorectal cancer (CRC) with the help of Shannon's, Claire's and Raquel's service.  Raquel stated, " of our greatest successes is being able to help so many of our patients get screened.  I can't count how many times I've been told that they couldn't get a colonoscopy done because of lack of insurance. Once I've explained how CCSP works, most patients are happy to set that appointment." The Sunrise team all convey how appreciative and grateful patients are for the Program.
SunrisePhoto8.jpgIn addition, Shannon, Claire and Raquel have been involved in developing other projects with a focus on increasing the number of eligible patients screened for CRC in their community.  Claire expressed, "I have enjoyed working with CCSP.  The Program consistently assists us in providing the best patient care possible.  They are responsive to our needs and they recognize the challenges that exist within a community health center setting."  Sunrise successfully initiated a Flu-FOBT campaign and conducted several targeted clinic mailings in order to increase their reach to eligible patients. They have also worked diligently to streamline their CRC screening process and to improve screening accessibility to include partnering with a traveling colonoscopy provider.  Further, Shannon, Claire and Raquel have participated in professional development opportunities and are a shining example of going the extra mile to ensure their patients have the best services possible.

We salute Shannon, Claire and Raquel for their hard work in navigating patients through the colorectal cancer screening process.  We appreciate your leadership, dedication, hard work, compassion and willingness to assist in making sure everyone has access to preventive screening, to include colorectal cancer screening.  We value your partnership and collaboration.
Thank you Shannon, Claire and Raquel!